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Cardinal Basil Seeds

Certified Organic Culinary Basil Seeds

Cardinal basil gets its name from producing fragrant rich dark red colored flowers. In addition to being used as an herb in cooking, salads and various dishes, it can serve as a decorative flower in gardens and arrangements. It is an annual plant growing up to 30 inches high and 18 inches wide containing bright green leaves. Some of the same basic growing principles used with most basil plants can also be applied to the Cardinal basil. The time period from seed to harvest is about sixty days. Soil should be maintained moist with easy drainage. However, it is okay to use flowering soil as with Cardinal Basil plants, flowers are encouraged to grow as opposed to other strains. The leaves can be harvested while the flower is still in tact and continue to grow.
The Cardinal basil can be easily grown in flower beds and a great addition for companion planting, shallow containers, indoor as well as outdoors in proper climates keeping the soil above 50 degrees. Six hours or more of sun is necessary and is not harmed by direct sunlight. Harvesting time is before the season's first frost, from early summer to early/middle of the fall.

Helpful Tips About Growing Cardinal Basil

Can be directly sown indoors or outdoors after last frost season Planting depth should be 4 times the seeds' width
Seedlings should be planted ten to twelve inches apart
Plant needs a location with six hours or more of sunlight
Soil must be kept moist and its overnight temperatures to remain above fifty degrees Fahrenheit Germination begins in approximately 1 week and can be harvested in 8 to 10 weeks Rows should be spaced 12 to 18 inches
Annual plant and needs to be replanted after last frost season Harvest leaves during cool early mornings to avoid rapid wilting If temperatures dip below normal levels, utilize warm water instead of cold


What We Offer

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Our Pledge

We are commited to deliver the highest quality basil seed in the world.
Basil seeds must be maintained in the proper environment for maximum germination potential. This is why we pledge that our seeds are inspected organic, disease free and properly stored prior to shipping. Along with top quality seeds, we offer our buyers knowledgeable growth, care and overall cultivation information from other experienced growers. Our 100% certified organic seeds fully comply with International Federation of Organic Agriculture (IFOAM) and inspected according to the Israeli Organic Standard.